Trust Me, I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday


I love taking systems apart to learn how they work.

I’ve deconstructed cars, appliances, cameras, websites, software and loads of other stuff. Deconstructing is the best way to learn.

It never occured to me to do this with the mainstream media.

This guy did just that. Check out the trailer for his book:

Ryan Holiday’s Media Blitz

I just came across Ryan Holiday because he is all over respectable media – here on BlogcastFM, here on The Rise To The Top, here on Mixergy.

The best of his media blitz is in this texturey interview with Chase Jarvis.

Ryan Holiday Chase Jarvis Interview

Peter Shankman vs. Ryan Holiday

peter shankman vs ryan holiday

Plus, he does controversy.

Peter Shankman lashed out at him (Shankman is going to punch Holiday Facebook mention?) Unfortunatly, Shankman comes off like the reeling bully who just woke up from a knockout punch delivered from the class nerd.

Holiday’s reply was calm, reasonable and insightful. You can read it here and here.

Who do I side with when one side is saying words like “liar, idiot, liar, liar, liar, don’t spoil it for us” and the other side is rational arguments and requests to  further the conversation?

Go with the rational one.

At the Core

At the core of all of this, is that its good to question the way the world works.

If you don’t like what you find; do something about it.

Holiday does that here. I’m excited to read his book.

3 Replies to “Trust Me, I’m Lying – Ryan Holiday”

    1. Wow Andrew Warner!

      I’m a huge fan of your podcast Andrew. Whenever I hit a wall in productivity I find it incredibly effective to take a walk and listen to your podcast. In all honesty, I end up turning around and heading home after a few minutes because I want to take action on what I learned from you and your guest. It’s an honor to get a comment from you on this little blog of mine.Here are 3 bullets of why I think Chase’s show was so good:-The Excellent Videography gives the show a surreal look which adds magic to what they are talking about-The organization of the show is great at maximizing benefit to the listeners. I wish I had watched it live to take part in the tweets and live questions-I think the fact that both have a deep well of experience and knowledge that they are pulling from really adds gravitas to their video presence.

      Cheers and thanks a lot for the comment.

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