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This is a statue in Split, Croatia. Its of Emanuel Vidovic. He was a painter who did some beautiful work. When in European cities now, I like to look up the people who are the subjects of the statues. It makes the random walks more interesting.


V an I are currently training at Split CrossFit. We have another two weeks worth of workouts to do there and I’m happy to report that they have very high quality instructors

We are in Split, Croatia awaiting the departure of the Active Workation event which a friend from Nomad Cruise 6 invited us to attend.


I’m helping my friend transition his WordPress website to my own shared hosting. It was costing him a lot to keep it live so he was going to let it die. Because I’m learning more about WordPress and the migration would be great practice, I offered to move his site to my shared hosting for practice and to help out a friend.

Finally, I’m still learning software development with every spare moment of my time. I’ve completed my Free Code Camp front-end development certificate and I’m pushing forward with React, SaSS and a collection of Node.js tutorials.


We are still working on problems from last year related to Freedom Podcasting, our podcast production company. Because of tax complications with the school bus project, I’m  working to ensure we do OK with taxes.

I’m also developing our investment strategy from limiting exposure to crypto currencies and learning more about stable investment vehicles.

Cloud Bridge Nature Reserve, Costa Rica

We took a very short walk through the Cloud Bridge Nature Reserve in Costa Rica.

V became a bit confused while navigating a meditation labyrinth.

We found a beautiful wall covered in vines. Both of us are a bit worried about the 18-mile hike we have planned tomorrow up the tallest mountain in Costa Rica.

Though V’s gaze declares confidence, inside she may be feeling dread for the adventure to come.

Beautiful waterfalls help us think not of the upcoming hike.

Balancing sticks also provides a departure from worrisome thoughts.

This fence has a closing mechanism that I appreciate deeply. Simplicity is a beautiful thing.

A stunning memorial garden.

I’m creating a very in-depth blog post about how to hike Chirripo in one day. It will be available early next week. I hope you have a beautiful day.

Bottle Gourds – Grass Valley, CA

Today was a big day. We did a lot of fun projects:

  • In the morning I read about eCommerce success stories.
  • Then I solved some significant security and spam issues for a client. Theses solutions will last a long time.
  • We cleared out the garden of wire and un-needed leftover infrastructure from the previous season.
  • We completed a big chunk of the cabin remodel.
    • Removed the old stove
    • Reclaimed the tile from an old junk pile
    • Polished the tiles of old debris
    • Cleaned up rubbish around the cabin
    • Lay the tile on ready-set. Ready for grout tomorrow
    • Cut the floor moulding and oiled it with boiled linseed oil
    • Installed the doorbell
  • Went on a walk through the forest and took the above images
  • Got a checklist of to-dos
  • Cooked some delicious food
  • Watched an episode of Game of Thrones