Thomas Bus Seat Removal

Bolt Removal Tips

First off, I start this video doing the work by myself. I rapidly learned that this would be far to slow. Asking for help is a valuable thing in all aspects of life. When building a house out of a school bus, this is especially true.

Another lesson learned quickly – most of the bolts on this bus were welded together with rust. Though we started this process on the easiest seats to take out, we would spend the rest of our time fighting with really, really difficult bolt situations.

Removing Seats from a Thomas Bus

With bus seats, the part o f the seat where you sit on, well that comes off very easily. Just rotate the metal lock that connects the heel of the seat to the frame. Once you get them up, the clips that hold the front of the seats can be lifted up and carried away.

Do this first when removing the seats from a Thomas Bus. It allows you to have a far greater range of motion for when you do battle with the more challenging bolts. If you want a demonstration of that, check out the next video.

Check out the next post for lessons on removing the more challenging bolts.

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