Lechon in Cebu City, Philippines

My friends from Jiujit Su (Tommi, Mofa and Duke) took me out for a taste of the national dish of the Philippines, Lechon. In this video I’ll show you what this experience is like. This big feast cost us less than $3.00 a person.

The women who’s job it is to cut the pig up all day are fascinating. The meat cleavers they use are just like something out of a horror movie. I would be terrified to run into these girls on the street, but at the same time, I was constantly flinching, expecting them to dismember a finger any moment. Luckily, that never happened and we got our food and sat down.

Lechon is a Spanish inspired dish. It originated with putting a baby pig on the spit, but has since been developed into a full grown beast of a pig on the spit. It is the national dish of the Philippines and Puerto Rico.

I hope you enjoyed my video. 🙂


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