When the boarder patrol didn’t allow my wife back into the country, everything changed…

Two years before, the allure of the road won me over. I flew to the southern hemisphere for an Australian working holiday visa. I took jobs picking apples, moving furniture, horseback musters of 500,000 acres worth of cattle. I took a break from Australia to fly to South Africa and manage the stadium experience for high profile guests at the FIFA World Cup in Cape Town. Back in Australia, as a research assistant on a Great Barrier Reef, we discovered a tiny new species of seahorse.

And more importantly, my wife and I met.

We moved to Hawaii where I became an expert in improving cooking oil processes for restaurants and how to run diesel engines on the byproducts. The business was finally profitable and we got married.

She left for a friends wedding and wasn’t allowed back into the country.

The oil business involved capital and heavy equipment. I had to decide between that business and being with my wife. I chose her, and started a business that we could run from anywhere….

We help entrepreneurs and artists cultivate authentic, trusting relationships with their customers and supporters.

Our clients send us their raw recordings.

We make it sound great and publish it so that they are seen.

It’s audio engineering, software development, copy writing, graphic design, social media marketing and much more…

Host of the Love Affair Travel show.


We interview those living long term travel lifestyles.


Digital nomads, location independent entrepreneurs, lifestyle designers, hobos…


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Ian Robinson

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