2001 5.9 Cummins Starter Problems and Finishing the School Bus Floor

Starter Problems

So the starters in a 2001 Thomas School Bus sits right below the fuel purge valve on the fuel filter. So the other day, we left the fuel purge open and bathed the starter in diesel fuel.

Now the bus doesn’t start.

Floor Work

These School Buses come with seats in them. Each seat has 4 bolts going through the steel floor of the bus. When we removed the seats, all the holes were left over. I was thinking about welding them shut, but the cutting and welding would have taken all day.

Loctite Heavy Duty Epoxy Quick Set 8-Fluid Ounce Bottle


Copper pennys seemed like a great solution. Each hole plug costs about 1 cent and we already had a bunch on had. We used about half a box of epoxy so the project probably cost us about $8 in not counting the paint.

Steel Paint

Here’s a link to the paint we used:

RUST-OLEUM 242256 Professional Gallon White Gloss Finish


It’s not the cheapest paint, but we’re trying to build our bus out so that it will last 100 years. Spending an extra few bucks on the nicest paint now will pay off in dividends for years.

If you’re going to use this paint, make sure to let it dry for at least 24 hours. It stays sticky for a long time. When it’s sticky like that, it has the potential to rip if you spin around on your feet. After 2 days, it acts as one with the metal. I’m very happy we decided to paint the floor with two coats of this paint.

How I’m Running my Crypto Currency Hedge Fund

Today I developed a crypto currency hedge fund strategy. I’m using Coinbase to execute all trades.

Why Bet on the Game

Essentially, this is a tiny portion of my overall investment account. Indeed, I don’t actually call this part of my investment plan. This is just a fun way to stay up to date with crypto-currencies and do a bit of gambling.

Crypto-currencies have the potential to dramatically shake up the global financial system. While studying economics at the University of Nevada, I learned a lot about monetary relations.

I have a perceptions that the financial industry plays an important role in the security and mobility of capital for individuals and companies around the world. Though I believe the institutions are important, I also believe that organizations like these are using their importance to behave sub-optimally.

Hedge Strategy

As I don’t pretend to have any idea on what is going to happen with any specific currency, I’ll just bet evenly across all of those coins avaliable on Coinbase.

I’ll use a risk assessment which is entirely emotional on my part to make decisions on the ratio of cash to coins. I’m sure it would be better to create an algorithm to balance dollar weight average or find some sort of relationship between ‘bitcoin’ tweet frequency and the coin price… but that would take a lot of time and I’m primarily focused on other things.

Assessing Risk to Balance Portfolio

Since I’m gambling, I get to make up the way I hedge the fund. I came up with the following idea.

I’ll make fund balancing decisions based on how I feel about the currency market:

  • Low (0% Cash) – When I feel that the currencies are at their historical lowest, I’ll take from the cash and invest in currencies.
  • Medium (12% Cash) – When I feel that the currencies could go either way, I’ll take from the cash and invest in currencies.
  • High (25% Cash) – When I feel that the currencies are at their highest and are likely to fall, I’ll take from the cash and invest in currencies.

When I feel that the currencies are overvalued, I’ll hold more cash. When I feel they are selling for less, I’ll hold less cash. Overall, I’ll hold at least 75% of the account at all times.

Trading Frequency

I plan to trade, at the very most, in 30 day increments. This is a long game. I expect to be holding crypto-currencies late into life so I’m in no rush here.

Here is an example of my most recent balancing spreadsheet:

My Crypto Currency Hedge Fund

In Coinbase I was able to execute two sell orders denominated in USD. Then a buy order for Litecoin. From logging into the platform, to deciding on a strategy to executing the orders, this took me about 1 hour.

Some people bet on horses, I like betting on crypto currencies.

Dominating Theory

My dominating theory here is that I have no idea what these currencies will do. I don’t know if one has a chance for implosion, or if one has a chance to be the next bitcoin.

If Litecoin or Ethereum grows from $25 per coin to $1000 per coin like Bitcoin did in 2013, I want to hold a few of them.

That is why I’m only betting emotionally. That is why I’ll restrict my buy/sell decision to impacting, at the very most, 25% of the portfolio.

The rest I’ll leave to chance and time.