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Ian graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno with a dual degree in Spanish and International Business.

As a Division I Rugby player, and an active participant in the Model United Nations he was often traveling for competitions and events in Northern California.

As a lead graphic designer and project manager for the Associated Student Union’s promotional division, Inkblot Promotions, Ian took the lead in branding and promoting many different student and professional organizations.

He also acted as an Global Trade Ambassador under Alan DiStefano for the State of Nevada. He was responsible for documenting and organizing Federal Funding for small Nevada businesses through the Western United States Agricultural Trade Association (WUSATA), a branch of the Department of Agriculture (USDA.)

After graduating from University, Ian began a journey to work his way around the world earning as he traveled with agriculture and adventure jobs.

He began as a tour guide leading groups of ten to fourteen tourists on weeklong road trips around the United States. The trips we’re diverse ranging from New York to California, but a common journey was from San Francisco to Los Angeles stopping in Yosemite, Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon and Lake Havasu. Ian was responsible for all the camping gear, the commercial driving requirements and ensuring everyone had an awesome time.

Ian was responsible for all accounting, camping gear, entry fees, commercial driving legal requirements and most of all, ensuring everyone had an awesome time.

The season wrapped up for tour guiding and Ian flew to Australia where he took random agriculture focused jobs. Examples include picking apples, harvesting broccoli and horseback cattle musters.

In 2010, Ian took a break from Australia to travel to South Africa and serve as the Stadium and Staffing manager for MatchWorld, a top-tier corporate event experience company during the FIFA World Cup in Cape Town.

Back in Australia, Ian served as a deckhand on a research trip to the unexplored Coral Sea. During the voyage, the team discovered a tiny new species of seahorse. It’s about a quarter the size of your fingernail and lives at a depth of 60 meters.

There he met his wife and the two moved to Hawaii.

Ian began working with a biofuel startup with the mission of alleviating Hawaii’s challenge with managing fats, oils and greases (F.O.G.) in the waste water treatment system.

The company helped restaurants to remove the quality oils from their waste streams. The quality oils were processed and used as fuel to run the fleet of old Mercedez which the company used to service clients.

The business was showing promise but due to immigration complications involving his Australian wife, Ian had to decide between staying in Hawaii and being with his wife.

Ian and Veronica moved to New Zealand then the Philippines exploring various location independent business models. As more and more clients demanded support for their podcasting projects, they found the Freedom Podcasting Company to meet the demand.

Since then the Freedom Podcasting Company has been Ian and Veronica’s main professional focus.

Ian and Veronica have been developing Freedom Podcasting while living in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Canada, Australia, the Dominican Republic and other countries.

They currently reside in Rincon, Puerto Rico and Freedom Podcasting is their main focus.

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Ian Robinson
Founder of Freedom Podcasting, Ian Robinson

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It’s audio engineering, software development, copy writing, graphic design, social media marketing and much more…

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