The Story of Freedom Podcasting Company LLC

We help entrepreneurs and artists cultivate authentic, trusting relationships with their customers and supporters.

Our clients send us raw recordings, we craft them into great podcasts.

There are a lot of details between the recording process and the publication process. We do it all. Everything from audio engineering, software development, copy writing to graphic design and much more.

Want to learn our process for producing podcasts?

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I spent three years creating a step-by-step process for producing professional quality podcasts. My production system was designed to be simple enough to teach new people. The process had to be easy, but reliable enough to consistently produce excellent podcasts every time.

It took me a solid month to record and produce this high quality, entertaining video course. In it, I explain exactly how to produce world class shows and distribute them, at scale, to anyone in the world.

If you’d like to start a podcast, here’s my offer to you: if you buy the course now and produce your show, I’ll refund your money 100%. To take me up on the deal, email me with your Udemy username and your iTunes podcast URL. I’ll even leave a five star review on your shows iTunes page.

The goal is to help people create podcasts.

The course is 3-4 hours in duration. Taking action will require a weekend if you’re good. If you follow along with my course, you will have a show on iTunes.