Thursday Photo: Street Signs and Chickens in the Philippines

The thing I love about this photo is the angles. They are all over the place.

This is the only street sign I’ve seen in Cebu.

Street Signs in the Philippines

The culture I grew up in, has very limited perception of where our food comes from. I still to this day, have never killed a chicken. I’ve probably eaten more than 1,000 of them. I think this separation from our food causes a fision in our perception of the world we live in.

While walking the street the other day, I saw this man carrying a chicken unceremoniously. Some folks from my culture will be upset with the image below… I consider the fact that these people know what their dead animals look like, makes them much closer to the real world.

Your Chicken lo Mein from Panda Express needed one of these:

Filipino Walking With Chicken

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