Antonio Graceffo: From the Dust of 9/11 NYC to the Shaolin Temple

He went from a military career to a successful job in finance.

Until he realised he didn’t truly know those around him.

A pivotal moment made him re-evaluate what was important in life.

So he dug out his teaching diploma.

And went to follow his dreams.

Training at the Shaolin temple & building a new life as a martial arts anthropologist in Asia.

Here is The Brooklyn MonkAntonio Graceffo.

“That hot dog cart is going to be the last thing I see before I die.” – Antonio Graceffo (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Surviving the national guard, navy & merchant marine
  • Using his military background to get to university
  • Going to university for free in Germany
  • Becoming a homeless finance worker in New York City
  • How the near death experience of 9/11 put things into perspective
  • The awe-inspiring experience of training in the Shaolin Temple
  • Living abroad is a more fulfilling experience than being a tourist

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  • Antonio reporting on the Refugees in Shan State, Burma:

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What skills and qualifications do you have?  How would you be able to use these skills to live or travel abroad?

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