Stephen Brooks: Costa Rican Chemical Spray Awakens Environmental Entrepreneurship

While adventuring in Costa Rica our next guest was appalled.

He witnessed big agribusiness spraying pesticides.

On Costa Rican farmers.

Since then, he’s been on a path to make it right.

Welcome to the 20th episode with, Stephen Brooks.

“Permaculture – how can we meet our goals and use less energy?” -Stephen Brooks  (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Eco villages in Costa Rica
  • About the suffering of the people on banana plantations
  • Environmental Entrepreneurship, tour companies and eco-tourism
  • Plant based sustainability
  • Eradication of malnutrition via local resources
  • Why blending in with the locals is so powerful
  • How design affects the community
  • Living where our food comes from
  • All the other lovely stuff

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Take Action:

What is your take on this? Should we be preoccupied with where our food comes from?

What have you done to address your ecological footprint?

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