Eleven Days in Cebu

I’ve been in The Philippines for eleven days now. Here are the updates.

Working With Chris

Ian and Chris Virtual Business LifestyleChris Ducker is a destroyer. From the day I landed here I’ve been busy working on interesting, fast moving projects. You could say I got swept up into it.

Experiencing his managerial prowess and hearing his stories of building businesses all over the world has given me more valuable business knowledge than my 4 years studying International Business in the University system (I’m exaggerating – I really value my University experience.)

The other day he says to me, “Ian lets take a picture for this blog post.”

My whole face is swollen up with a fungus infection because silly me was sucking on a dirty mango in the excited mist of returning to the tropics. I’m definitely not looking as dashing as possible. Anyhow, Chris has an electric attitude towards getting stuff done, and I like that sort of attitude. “Alright, lets do it!”

For those following me through him- don’t worry. The guy is firing on all 8 (12?) cylinders and there will be heaps of great stuff to come.

The Philippines

This place is loud, dirty and pure havoc.

I love it. Honestly, it’s pure freedom.

Road Towards Balambam

I’m coming off 9 months in New Zealand. New Zealand is probably the safest place on Earth. The national news talks about cats stuck in trees. No one has guns. There are no snakes. Stores all close before 4:30. It’s a utopia if you want to chill and raise a family.

Here in the Philippines, things are different. Everything looks unsafe here. In fact, I don’t think I’ve seen one thing in the past 11 days that wouldn’t make NATIONAL news in New Zealand. From the overloaded droopy power lines to the helmet-less family on a motorbike. From the smog chuggin’ trucks to the no-refrigeration open air fish markets. Hell, there are even shotgun sportin’ security guards outside each bank! Everything here would be considered a crime in New Zealand. I like it!

I feel like I could write a weekly photo blog update on exotic things I see here…Would you be interested in reading that? Comment below. Tweet or e-mail me. Tell me what you think

My 200 km Drive Around the Island

Motorcycle Around Cebu

I hired a scooter and drove 200 km around the north end of Cebu Island in a day.

I didn’t see another white guy until I got back to Cebu.

What a fantastic adventure.

Here is a small and beautiful photo blog of the Journey.

North West of Cebu Road

Beautiful North Cebu

Awesome Scooter Cebu
My Scooter

Buildings in rural cebu

Driving Around Cebu

Map of Driving The Northland of Cebu
The Journey

In Closing

The fungus has cleared off my face (thanks to the freedom to buy prescription medicine over the counter.)

Filippino Haircut in Cebu 40 phpAlso, I got a hair cut today. It was a great bare essentials haircut with no luxury spared. A bit of a massage, a bit of a straight razor shave (with a utility style razor), a bit of isopropyl alcohol for gel. I even learned some new Visayan words. My barber, Joseph, stands about 4’6″ and lives across the street from me.

It cost 40 philippine pesos.

If you want to know how much that is in USD, Google the phrase “40 php in usd”

That’s it… for now…

I really appreciate you reading this blog and interacting with me.

Would you be interested in a weekly photo & comment blog about the bizarre stuff in Cebu? 

Get in contact with me.

With Love,


8 Replies to “Eleven Days in Cebu”

  1. Hey Ian, love ur blog!!! everything you say so true, and seeing such a big contraste, how a lot of people don’t even think about it…keep me update y practica espanol!! besos…ceci!

  2. Ian!! I’m so stoked you’re loving the Philippines. My planned trip is still a year out but I am so excited I want to plan stuff right now. Have not been to family as my family is all from Luzon, but from your post it sounds like the safety level is the same haha. What are you doing in Cebu exactly?

    Would love to see a weekly photo/comment blog! Safe travels

  3. Fascinating Ian…love the pictures you paint and your gusto in all things new..I feel like I’m there so a definite yes, please a weekly blog will transport me from my computer into your new world and keep us up to date with your exciting new adventure!  xx

  4. Congratulations and yes to keeping your adventures being on here in pictures 🙂 i’m so happy for you! Looking forward to seeing where life takes you!

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