Two Neat Things for Today

First Off – Congratulations Seth Godin

The Question

Can Seth Godin change the author/publisher paradigm?

The Answer

Seth needed 40k to get the book fast forwarded to the publishers.

As I’m looking at it now he is at:

Seths kickstarter June 20
Image Links to Live Kickstarter


What does this mean?

It is proof that everything has changed.

No more top down corporate publishing structure.

The world is flat

Second Off – Tim Ferriss Strikes Again

Language Learning

Duolingo fun free beautiful

Ever since you saw The Bourne Identity, you’ve wanted be optimal at everything, have unwavering confidence, kill snipers with shotguns and speak 20 different languages.

Now you can at least get a start on the language side of thing.

Duolingo is a free, fun and good looking language learning software that launched today. Not only do you become more impressive, you partake in translating the internet. AMAZING!

Sell your stock in Rossetta Stone…

I slammed through the Spanish section just to test the program. Then I learned more German in 5 minutes than I had in 27 years.

Ich bin Ian.

Rock n’ Roll


There is no excuse for not being a superhero these days.

These are revolutionary times.

-With Love


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