Walk With Me: A Trip Around Cebu City, Philippines

I used to wake up every morning to the sounds of motors roaring in the Philippines. It’s an amazing place to live and I enjoyed the madness of it more than is easy to describe. Every moment of life is filled with noise and interesting things to do.

The Philippines is an excellent place for those seeking to build out a business online. You can live there hyper cheap while you build, whatever it is that you imagine to bring enough money to keep you on the road.

Here’s a plan to get started with a life of travel. First, go to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. You can save money and see the world while working your way around Australia picking fruit. Then, once you’ve saved up a bunch of $ – Go to the Philippines. Those Australian Dollars will go a long way and then you can build a business on the internet to get you moving towards a long term asset development.

I made a YouTube video about a day in the life of an entrepreneur trying to get work done while living in Mandaue City on the island of Cebu. I hope you like it.

A Day in the Life Cebu City, Philippines:

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Hey! This is Ian the Intern.
Today I’m going to show you around Cebu (Philippines.)

One of the things about the Philippines is that you can’t drink out of the taps. So everybody drinks out of these things. Theres all sorts of these refilling stations around. Basically, I’m going to show you how I get mine filled up. It’s just right down stairs.

Yeah, so this is pretty much what happens every day here. You have got to get a big old thing of water and truck it up the three sets of stairs.

to get it back. Now I’ve got drinking water. One of these containers lasts me about three days.

As you saw, I gave her about 25 filipino pesos for this container to get full and nice and sterile and everything. Twenty five pesos, that is about fifty cents.

You get a little glass of tea, some rice and an egg. What else could you want?

Alright so I just got a good meal and I’m going to go. Basically, there are three types of public transportation here in Cebu. You’ve got your taxis, and your motorcycles which are like the motor trikes and then you’ve also got your Jeepneys.

So right now I’m going to jump in one of these trikes.

As you can see here, these trikes are all sort of home made. Each one of them has it’s individual differences. This one that I’m on is different than those other two that we just passed by.

So there are a lot of supermarket style stores here but… one of the ones that I wanted to show you is this outdoor tent market up here.

This is right at the end of Cabancalan and I’ll show you around; this is a pretty interesting spot.

So as you can see, that place is pretty sweet. I especially like the fish market I like it because it has such interesting things going on there.

Anyways I’m going to walk around the corner now to a little bit more of a western style shopping mall. Here is one of the things I think is really cool about the Philippines; they’ve got these things called the Jeepneys.

Jeepneys are basically just like busses and everyone pays individually. The main thing that makes a Jeepney so cool is that they are always dressing them up individually.

There are thousands of Jeepneys and each and every
one of them is different and unique.

Here is another one, check this out. When night comes along, all the Jeepneys have these different colored lights and they glue old CDs onto the outside so they shine off all these brilliant lights.

It looks like something out of this world.

It’s a really colorful public transportation system. Anyway, I made it here. This is the more western style mall that you see. This is the kind of place that I like to come and chill, use the internet and drink a cup of coffee. These more western style shopping centers are a bit of a breath of fresh air, after you’ve been struggling your way though the depths of Cebu on the back of a taxi or a trike. So this is one of the great places that I like to hangout. Right in front of us you see the Emerald Isle in Cebu which is the Irish Bar here in Cebu that is really great.

Hey I hope you guys liked this little video of my little neighborhood here in Cebu. I just wanted to show you around. I’ve been working all day and now I’m going to get back to it. Thanks very much for watching, and I’ll see you on the other side.

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