Seeing the Islands with Rum in the Blood: The Cebu Booze Cruise

Traveling isn’t all about drinking tremendous amounts of inexpensive rum with strange interesting people while cruising around a vast turquoise sea in tropical heat where the water is just as comfortable as the air… but it’s one sweet aspect of it.

Though I am an advocate of travel for the sake of expanding one’s boundaries and the incalculable benefit that comes from understanding the cultures of different peoples… I still like to drink rum and jump off boats from time to time.

So the Cebu Booze cruise came as a welcomed pardon from the day to day working life in Mandaue City, Philippines. This event is organized through the Couch Surfing platform and they have a Facebook page. If you’re in the Philippines, I’d recommend checking it out. It’s a blast.

Here, I made a video, check it out:

Some Tips if You Decide to Partake

  1. You’re not in Kansas anymore. The Philippines is a great place to spend time because you are free to do and act however you want. That being said, things can get out of hand out there and there is no one to hold your hand like in Australia or the USA. Keep your wits about you and don’t drink tooooooo much.
  2. Mayan is the organizer of the event. She is an beautiful, honest and caring person. You can trust that she isn’t trying to rip you off. She does the cruise as a volunteer so you should give her a gift because she is doing you a favor!
  3. Hydration is super important. Drink lots of water. This will help you in more ways that you can imagine because drinking rum, swimming in saltwater and laying in the sun is a great way to get dehydrated.
  4. Be respectful. It’s important that no one does anything stupid like throw bottles into the sea or drown. No littering dummy.
  5. Stay out of the sun. Everyone seems to get bad sunburns on this trip. Be the smart one that avoids this and you’ll be happy the day after.
  6. Have a blast. This is a fantastic way to really cut loose and enjoy a day on the water.
  7. Thank Mayan and buy her something nice.

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