The Inescapable Working Lull

I’m working again.

My work/play life pendulum swings with mighty, inescapable momentum. To the left it’s travel, wanderlust, elation and new experience. To the right it’s hard labor, long hours, feeling incapable and repetition.

These are the hard working traveler blues:

The highs are astronomic. The lows are tough and dirty.

Inevitably, that fun pendulum comes to it’s apex and with this pause commences the working lull. A not so subtle message that you are broke and had better start hustling.

Soon enough everyone has to tolerate the swing. Time to dive into whatever society you are currently marooned in and commence the hustle.

Once that hustle wraps up you get another pendulum pause. That is the best fathomable time. Your supplies are stocked, the plane tickets booked and the next chapter is staring you down.

But first, you gotta endure the inescapable working lull.
I’ll see ya on the other side beloved reader.
More excitement to come… I promise.

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