Testing Electrical Wire Continuity and Grouting a Custom Tile Bathroom Floor in the Skoolie

Today we finished the tile work in our skoolie. It was a massive project which required a great deal more of our time than we anticipated. Here’s a past video I did on ready set and grout that you might find useful (https://youtu.be/wF5iQQBBdrg).

We are confident that it has been done well so we are feeling very good about it, well at least I am. V is still worried. Today I rewired our battery bank with appropriate wires. A month ago, I connected the AGM solar batteries to our 12v fuse block using ~ 22 AWG wires.

This was probably dangerous. Too much draw could have melted the wires and created a fire. Luckily, a few lovely folks noticed it and gave me a heads up about the risk in a past video (https://youtu.be/TrKu5Zmvsnw).

Electrical Stuff I Used in this Video:

In this video I run the 4 AWG wires from the solar batteries to the fuse block. In line with the positive, I add a 125 amp fuse link which should protect us from any dramatic power surges. One of the things I cover is how I did my continuity test.

Continuity Test

A continuity test is where you set your multimeter to a certain setting so that when you connect two points together, the multimeter will make a noise at you. That way you can tell if two ends of a wire are part of the same wire. This helps if you’ve already run the wires and you have no idea which one is which. This is a simple multimeter practice that I find to be quite enjoyable.

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