The Eldorado Skoolie Propane System (Experimental – DO NOT COPY)

Do not copy this skoolie propane system. It was strung together by a non-expert. I created it from scratch and it’s probably not safe. This is for entertainment only.


This blog is in response to Scott (or KJ, I don’t know who controls their Facebook page) of the Roll With It bus conversion. This is the best video that I made of the propane system, if you’d like to follow along with our School Bus Conversion build (

I remember how painful it was to develop this plan on my own, so I hope this helps you with whatever propane system you build on your bus. Also, I hope anyone seeking solutions to their skoolie propane system can find this entertaining.

skoolie propane system | May work for vanlife
Click to View in High Definition (All Parts Ordered on Amazon and Linked Below Corresponding to Image)

Skoolie Propane System Shopping List

  1. Propane Tank –
    1. I didn’t purchase it online, but the linked tank will serve exactly as the one I picked up in town.
  2. Low Pressure Regulator –
    1. I don’t know why, but I think this is important.
  3. Gas Bottle Rack –
    1. I store my propane tank OUTSIDE of the bus. I’ve got no interest in having a bomb in my house.
  4. 3/8″ to 3/8″ NPT Nipple Pipe Connection –
    1. I used gas plumbing tape to join the quick connect hose (5) to the regulator. This was a small, but important piece.
  5. 3/8″ Flare Tee –
    1. I used three of these little brass pieces of metal.
    2. These tees act just like you would imagine, they empower you to make your system bigger.
    3. The guy at the hardware store told me that this was an illegal system.
    4. Image below of my harnessing strategy. Note that the screws turn to pull the bailing wire closer together. It’s a very sturdy harness, despite that it looks redneck.
  6. Mr. Heater 12′ Gas Hose –
    1. This one is expensive, but I want the exterior gas line to be very sturdy. I’m happy with this thing
  7. Stanbroil Gas Appliance Hookup –
    1. I use this hookup kit to connect one of the tees  to my cook top. It has a manual shut off as well as a collection of fittings.
  8. Steel Braided Hoses
    1. A – Ten Foot –
      1. This one goes from a Tee to the refrigerator
    2. B & C – Three Foot –
      1. This one connects one tee to another
    3. D – Six Foot –
      1. I don’t know why I wrote 5′ in the drawing. This hose connects the furnace to the tee.
  9. Camco 3′ Propane Hose –
    1. I don’t know why I went with a different brand on this one. This is the symptom of a scattered mind. But hey, it works fine.

Make Sure to Check Connections

The most important part of a propane system is to check the gas connections. I used about a spoonful of soap ( in a spray bottle. Then I would spray the connections and look for bubbling connections.

Smell was not enough for me. When I turned my propane tank on, I couldn’t smell any gas leaks, but I could see them when I tested for leaks. A bubbly connection looks like this:

Skoolie Propane Hose Testing For Leaks

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