Alex Jimenez: How one Girl Learned to Travel without Tours

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Recession blues got you down? Feel like the corporate ladder could be kicked out from under you at any moment? 

Why not take the fear of being disposed and transform it to a life of travel!

Alex Jimenez, founder of Travel Fashion Girl, did exactly that. After leaving the corporate world of fashion and taking time to travel, she found a genius way to combine her previous professional experience with her passions to pursue a life of long-term travel.

Finding the perfect travel blog niche is key in penetrating the market. Alex’s business savvy and life long hustlin’ skills has made her excel at the art of travel blogging. Listen in to learn about Alex’s insight into creating a blog niche that you love!

“The best way to find something to do is try to combine your passion with what your previous professional experience was.” – Alex Jimenez

Travel Topics:

  • Perks of living in Playa Del Carmen [2:05]
  • Utilizing the Nest CoWorking space [4:57]
  • How to live the corporate life in your early twenties [6:52]
  • How to become an entrepreneur [8:46]
  • Everyday she’s hustlin’ [10:32]
  • How to leave corporate L.A. Hint: It’s not that hard! [11:30]
  • Changing careers during a recession [13:57]
  • Falling in love with travel [15:12]
  • Where should I travel to first? [15:57]
  • Benefits of meeting other long term travelers [20:16]
  • Alex’s first trip which turned into a crazy long-term adventure [22:03]
  • The financial aspects of tours vs solo traveling [27:03]
  • How to travel solo [28:48]
  • Do I write instead of work? [31:41]
  • Seasonal touring jobs… So much fun! So much work! [34:24]
  • How to become a travel blogger [36:00]
  • How to combine your professional work experience with your passions to sustain long term travel [37:14]
  • Finding motivation from Nora and The Professional Hobo [38:17]
  • The inspiration behind Travel Fashion Girl [38:56]
  • What is work exchange? [41:42]
  • The growth of Travel Fashion Girl [42:33]
  • Alex’s advice on starting a blog [45:15]
  • Why not write an eBook first? [46:37]
  • How to use Amazon Affiliates [48:19]
  • It’s not chasing after biggest keywords, just chasing after a keyword [50:17]
  • What’s next for Alex [50:59]

“I think a lot of people realized at that point that we were all disposable.” – Alex Jimenez

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“Doing this and meeting these people, it’s so inspirational. People always think, ‘I can’t do that, how can you do that?’ It is possible as long as you shift your priority and your focus.” – Alex Jimenez

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Take Action:

Do you have previous professional experience and a passion you can utilize to excel at travel blogging?

Theresa Lachner: Sex Blogs are Better than Travel Blogs

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Why be a travel blogger when you can be a sex blogger?

“It’s just easier you know? Also, people appreciate you more!”

Anyone can talk about travel, but it takes a more daring and carefree individual to have the courage to speak their mind on sex without reservation.

Theresa Lachner is the Founder of the largest sex blog in Germany Lvstprinzip. Talking sex pays her way while she enjoys the perks of being a digital nomad, traveling the world and practicing random bouts of meditation.

Finding the motivation to write and write well is never easy. In this episode Theresa fills us in on how she got started in the sex blogging industry, tips on writing well, and appreciating the world around you even when traveling is taking its toll.

Let’s go!

“In a way, I always feel like a naked person in a room full of dressed people.” – Theresa Lachner

Travel Topics:

  • How did Theresa get into the sex blogging industry? [2:54]
  • The birth of Lvstprinzip, the biggest sex blog in Germany [3:35]
  • Pros of being a sex blogger vs a travel blogger [7:55]
  • How to Get Rich from Masturbation [8:13]
  • Daring enough to use her real identity, being the only sex blogger in Germany [9:33]
  • The secret to sex blogging and other daring ventures [10:31]
  • The craft of writing a sex blog [13:16]
  • The art of writing… Yes, it’s all about practise [16:35]
  • Theresa’s meditation practices [18:40]
  • Diary tips [19:58]
  • Finding the motivation to write [22:03]
  • Novice writer vs professional writer [26:07]
  • How to travel the world while working [26:58]
  • Living and working in Saigon [30:35]
  • Unexpected perks and inspirations of traveling and writing [32:52]
  • What are the benefits of writing? [35:43]
  • Differences in writing styles [36:17]
  • Writing in German vs English [37:26]
  • Theresa’s Ah-ha moment in India… and how to appreciate traveling even when it gets rough [38:14]
  • BEWARE of publishing raunchy sexy Facebook posts… You will be blocked! [49:38]

Theresa Lachner Talking Points:

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“Sex you know is like food, it’s something that everybody does but nobody really dares to write about. It’s a bit weird.” – Theresa Lachner

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How can you utilize your untapped skills? Have you ever thought of taking your work online to pursue your dream of long term travel?

Miles Beckler: The Intersection of Meditation, Freedom and… Angel Encounters?

Property of Miles Beckler

Want to start an online business?

After meeting Miles and Melanie earlier this month on the Nomad Cruise, I caught up with Miles while he was in Sintra, Portugal.

Miles Beckler and his wife Melanie provide online information products, meditations and spiritual development courses. Miles is a wealth of knowledge and Melanie is also an incredibly driven entrepreneur. Together they own Ask Angels and The Angel Solution as well as traveling long term since 2013.

We’ll be talking about traveling full time, the Dark Night of the Soul, meditation, social media growth, funnel marketing and the emotional element of entrepreneurship.

“Trial and error has been my greatest teacher.” – Miles Beckler

Travel Topics:

  • Sea legs [02:13]
  • What is it like to travel full-time? [04:49]
  • Slow internet and running an online business [07:30]
  • How Ask Angels began [09:36]
  • What is the Dark Night of the Soul? [12:33]
  • Social media growth [20:10]
  • Engineering a funnel marketing campaign [26:15]
  • The emotional elements of entrepreneurship [34:44]
  • The importance of raising your prices [35:50]
  • Awe moments from Miles’s world travels [43:31]
The 4 Page Website/Simple Funnel

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“We value ourselves a lot less than what others value us.” – Miles Beckler


We went hiking

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Have you ever wanted to sell everything and start traveling? What is stopping you?

Fabian Dittrich: The Art of Serendipity

Producer of the Startup Diaries Web-Series.

Founder & CEO of

Driving around the world.

Discovering new ways to work with modern technology.

Being Serendipitous.

Introducing, Fabian Dittrich.

“Don’t worry too much when something ends. Trust that something cool will come up. Love uncertainty.” – Fabian Dittrich (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • How a random busker can set you on your path
  • The benefits of traveling in your own car
  • Following your interests to where they may lead
  • How catching Malaria isn’t all that bad
  • The five biggest regrets people have on their deathbed
  • If your life were a movie. Would you enjoy it?

“I’d like the movie of my life to be full of surprises.” – Fabian Dittrich (Tweet It)

Lovely Links:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

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Take Action:

  1. Are you taking advantage of modern technologies to become location independent? There’s never been a better time to get yourself on the move and find your freedom.
  2. Have you traveled in your own car before? Where did you go? What was your experience like?
  3. If your life was a movie, would you want to watch it? Add a plot twist and book a plane.

Will Peach: Shifting Away from Gonzo Road Life

He thought he wanted a life of travel.

So he created a way of doing it.

This taught him a lot about himself.

He discovered that life is forever changing.

He found the importance of being true to himself in following his dreams.

Say hello to our next guest, Will Peach.

“Life is a constant process of evolution, it’s a journey and nothing is permanent.” – Will Peach (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Not leaving university and going straight into a 9-5 graduate job
  • Funding yourself in becoming location independent
  • Psychological and social challenges of traveling
  • Travel blogging and entrepreneurship-seeing a gap
  • Using the internet to work effectively
  • When is the time to settle down?
  • Doing what is important to you at that time
  • Embracing change and transition

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Website | The Gonzo Traveller | Twitter | YouTube

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Take Action:

Think about what you really would like to be doing in your life.  Is it what you are doing right now?  If not how could you adapt your situation to enable to you be fulfilled?

Hiking Over the Andes and Into the Amazon with Pierre Heistein

He moved from South Africa to Argentina to learn Spanish.

This was only the beginning.

After losing almost everything, he found comfort in that place.

He also found adventure along the way.

Welcome the African Adventurer Economist, Pierre Heistein.

“It’s not something you aim to learn, it’s something you stumble across.” – Pierre Heistein (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • On the pace of partying in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • How finding a remote Argentine town to write a thesis led to finding a love and a new home
  • How an economist went from writing a thesis to selling Chinese t-shirts on the streets of Argentina
  • How to get the cheapest land in the world in Argentina
  • Having a girlfriend is a great way to learn another language? Try learning to sell
  • What there is to be gained from having everything in life stripped away and finding oneself still producing and enjoying life
  • How one’s perception of risk and possibility can change when experiencing a different culture
  • Strategies for seeing the most dramatic aspects of mountain ranges
  • His journey Hiking Over the Andes
  • Stories of majestic multicolored Andean lakes
  • The value in “not throwing yourself at the world.”

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  • A Guy Named Bob Dylan and his song, Outlaw Blues

Take Action:

If Luke and Pierre were standing in front of you with meager backpacks ready to head into the mountains, would you join them?