Fabian Dittrich: The Art of Serendipity

Producer of the Startup Diaries Web-Series.

Founder & CEO of Helpando.it.

Driving around the world.

Discovering new ways to work with modern technology.

Being Serendipitous.

Introducing, Fabian Dittrich.

“Don’t worry too much when something ends. Trust that something cool will come up. Love uncertainty.” – Fabian Dittrich (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • How a random busker can set you on your path
  • The benefits of traveling in your own car
  • Following your interests to where they may lead
  • How catching Malaria isn’t all that bad
  • The five biggest regrets people have on their deathbed
  • If your life were a movie. Would you enjoy it?

“I’d like the movie of my life to be full of surprises.” – Fabian Dittrich (Tweet It)

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Take Action:

  1. Are you taking advantage of modern technologies to become location independent? There’s never been a better time to get yourself on the move and find your freedom.
  2. Have you traveled in your own car before? Where did you go? What was your experience like?
  3. If your life was a movie, would you want to watch it? Add a plot twist and book a plane.

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