Shannon O’Donnell: A Little Adrift, Travel and Grassroots Volunteering

She realised that her online web marketing business enabled her to work anywhere in the world.

So she bought a one way ticket to Australia.

Through travel she discovered the desire and drive to help grassroots social enterprises all over the world.

She went on to become a National Geographic Traveller of the Year!

Welcome A Little Adrift star, Shannon O’Donnell.

“You can make it happen if you live from the place where it can happen.” – Shannon O’Donnell (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • National Geographic Traveller of the Year
  • The desire to help travellers support local social enterprises while travelling
  • Travel and Grassroots Volunteering
  • Going to Australia – first travelling experience
  • Problems of running a business on the road
  • Travelling in SE Asia for 6 months with her 6th grade niece
  • How travel has given her the platform to discover what she wants to do

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Take Action:

Traveling is stepping into the unknown, the anticipation can be fearful. Accepting that and doing it anyway empowers you.

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