Roses are Rad – 2019

The above video is my submission to the Roses are Rad 2019 film festival. This is my second year submitting a film to the event.

The video I submitted last year took second place.

With this years video, I decided to take out all the talking and the extra map drawing stuff. My theory is that the judges might appreciate the pure powder riding.

This is in contrast to my video from last year, which was attempting to do a bit of story telling.

This video was shot over the course of many excellent ski days. My sisters are probably the stars of the show as they took the time to go skiing with me quite often. I would often make short videos of specific days which I would add to instagram and to this blog (here).

Roses are Rad 2019

Technical Production Notes

The video was shot with the GoPro7 almost exclusively. I had trouble with it initially because no video editing software that I use can work with the 240 fps files that are outputted by the GoPro7. The stabilization at 60 fps is just as good as the GoPro6. For that reason, I don’t see anything that makes the 7 better than the 6. If I were buying a new GoPro today, I would save some money and get the 6.

The music is by a group called Glitch Mob. The song is called Drink the Sea. I clipped it in places to the song exactly three minutes long. The specifications for the competition require that the submission is between one and three minutes.


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