Montezuma Costa Rica – One Day Horse Riding and Waterfall Hiking/Diving Adventure

Montezuma Costa Rica is a bohemian town on a beach on the Nicoya Peninsula. It has a great combination of excellent adventures, fast internet a cool town and proximity to adventure. This blog details some of the things we loved on this visit to Montezuma Costa Rica.

Horseback Riding in Montezuma Costa Rica

riding horses in Montezuma Costa Rica

We rode from the town of Montezuma Costa Rica, across Playa Grande to a freshwater waterfall which falls from a cliff into the ocean. Here is D-Red and V asking for a hug in the waterfall.

El Chorro Waterfall in Montezuma Costa Rica

We went with a tour company called Cabo Blanco Travelers. We found them by speaking to Rodger behind the desk in downtown Montezuma. Rodger is great. He speaks Spanish and English very well. He is honest and has a real desire to help people have a great time in Montezuma. I’d go back to him to get travel to and from Montezuma and to book anything else could need while in that pretty little beach town.

Henry is the guide for the horseback ride. He is an excellent horseman. Though he doesn’t speak much English, he knows horses very well. He has a lot of love for his herd.

Hotel Lucy – Montezuma Costa Rica

Hotel Lucy is a simple hotel and that is why I love it. It’s right on the water and it’s just far enough out of town so that you don’t hear any noise at night. It’s also close enough that I could run back to the hotel from town for anything we forgot. The run took about 10 minutes for me to run from town to Hotel Lucy.

Another great thing about Hotel Lucy is that it is a very short walk to the Free Waterfalls.

When the tide comes in, it’s quite loud. I did awake to the sound of waves quite often. That is actually the best way to be woken up.

Free Waterfall close to Hotel Lucy

This place is very simple. It’s hot. We didn’t have air conditioning but we did have a fan which kept us relatively cool in the evening. They provide a single sheet which is exactly what you need in the early morning.

Waterfall Cerca de Hotel Lucy

This place is easy to check into and it’s often not booked full as they have no website or online booking operation. Coming to this hotel is an excellent way to have a Costa Rican adventure.

Want More Costa Rica?

If you’re interested in more blog posts about things in Costa Rica, check out the photos I took of a beautiful Pizzaria/Hostel called Piko Negro.

The Solar System Has Arrived

Updated September 12th, 2017

Essentially, we have this plus an extra panel:

Estimated El Dorado Solar System

But I’m not 100% confident about that. Also, I’m not sure if I recomend this solar system yet.

It seems to be working fine for small loads at this time but I can’t say for certain that I think it’s a great system.

Basically, I don’t know anyone who knows about solar so I just had to buy stuff and plug it together. We’re still parked under a tree so we haven’t had the chance to give it a great test.

It’s working fine for lights, charging power tool batteries and fans. If we try to run the refrigerator on solar AC power right now, I find the system can’t keep up.

But again, we’re parked under a tree in the forest. If we were parked in a place that doesn’t have shadows from trees or clouds (ideally a empty Nevada desert), I bet we would have dramatically better results.

Solar power is really cool when it works. I’ve got battery powered tools and I can charge all of them using my solar kit. I’m cutting wood and drilling holes and cutting metal with solar power nowadays. It’s kinda awesome.