Needed: Three (+) Way Audio Recording Software

We are looking for a three-way (or four-way/five-way/etc…) audio recording software which provides individual tracks for each person on the recording.

Splitting all the tracks is empowering for podcast editors, but I won’t get into why in this article.

Today we ran a test with this other companies software and the results of our three person recording was as follows:

This doesn’t solve the split track recording because all three voices are on the same track. Also, the track is stereo for reasons I don’t understand. Why not just make it mono when both sides of the track are the same?

I used Audacity to generate an example of what we are looking for:

This assumes that we aren’t interrupting/ speaking over each other. If we were speaking over each-other, the wave lengths (bumpy blue lines) would be on the same vertical.

That’s the problem folks! Anyone know software that solves it?

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      1. Tried Zoom?
        One of my clients recorded a 3 way conversation in Zoom, guys were in Paris, New Haven and Austin. With Zoom you can record each party separately. Pretty easy.
        If you want better audio (not processed by any SW) why not recording locally?
        I haven’t used Zencastr or Ringr, or any other of these that may work as you need.

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