How to Create a Website with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

When I was learning to code, I often struggled with fundamentals like connecting the index html file to the JavaScript and CSS files that went with it. I made the following tutorial to help beginners write quick applications.

Potentially helpful things a young coder will learn in this tutorial:

  • How to use the terminal to:
    • Create new files
    • Move and rename files
    • Create new directories
    • Navigate folders and files using the terminal
  • ¬†Create a new HTML5 document and format it correctly
  • Link CSS files to compliment the HTML5 document
  • Link JavaScript files to create functionality for the HTML5 document
  • Use Google Chrome’s developer tools to test functionality

Open Source – Just get the Code

If you’re planning on building a really simple website and you don’t feel the need to retype everything in this tutorial, you can copy the code from the following open-source repository:

A Blank Website with JavaScript, CSS and HTML Functioning.

Thank you for watching. Please let me know if you found this useful, or if there is something you would like to add.

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