Nathaniel Boyle: Host of The Daily Travel Podcast

The host of The Daily Travel Podcast.

Nathaniel Boyle tells us about his love for travel from a young age.

To pursue this passion he left his job in the United States.

His first stop, New Zealand.

He rode the Trans-Siberian Railway and met a wide variety of people.

Introducing, Nathaniel Boyle.

“Travel really does have this amazing way of keeping us young.” – Nathaniel Boyle (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • How it all began – his passion for traveling and studying abroad
  • Work after college
  • Finding creative inspiration on the road
  • What made him decide to leave his job to pursue his long time dream of travel
  • His experience riding the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • Being in a long distance relationship while traveling
  • The kinds of people he has met while traveling
  • What inspired him to start The Daily Travel Podcast
  • Thoughts on the philosophical side of traveling

“Travel Matters.” – Nathaniel Boyle (Tweet It)

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