Natalie Sisson: Going Pro as an Entrepreneur, Adventure Junkie and a Digital Nomad Author

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Natalie Sisson isn’t inspirational because of the things she has done. What makes her inspirational is the nonchalant attitude that she has towards it all.

Want to ride a bike across Africa? Yeah! Let’s do it.

Want to start making $15,000 a month? Where do we start?

Her attitude is contagious. No wonder she wins body sculpting and boating competitions. When your attitude says, “lets do it.” Things happen faster and it’s more fun. She takes this to business, social enterprises and even book publishing.

It’s all quite inspirational.

Thank you for coming on the show Suitcase Entrepreneur. Enter Natalie Sisson.

“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity. I’m always opportunistic and I’m usually prepared.” – Natalie Sisson  (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • How Natalie Sission went from broke to earning $15,000 a month
  • Why a SuitcaseEntrepreneur lifestyle feels stable
  • On deciding to go pro as an entrepreneur and digital nomad
  • Secrets to managing the ups and downs of a traveling entrepreneur lifestyle
  • Natalie Sission shares moments of awe in Brazil, Africa and Australia
  • The story of when Natalie Sisson biked across Africa
  • Why pushing limits in business and adventure feels good
  • Natalie Sisson shares her concept of The Perfect Day

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Take Action:

Grab her book, after all the second edition is out. It’s called Suitcase Entrepreneur.

Whats your next big adventure?

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