My 2012 Goals

I expect 2012 to be the best year of my life. The last three years have been progressively better and better so this is asking a lot of life. Though my life has been full of adventure, I hope to tone down the madness and unpredictability of the last few years and have a more comfortable 2012. The stress of not knowing where my next bed or meal will come from is growing tiresome.

To join up in the self help crusade of the day: goals need to be SMART. That is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Thats the goal of this post.

This has been a very challenging post to put together because it really forces me to examine what I want and what I’ll need to get there. This post will make me accountable to myself and to all my readers.

At the end of the year I hope to look back on this list and laugh that I was shooting so short.


Earn $2,000 USD a month in passive income.

I’ll create this income through location independent internet projects. This will come through affiliate sales and advertising revenue that I create by making high quality websites that help people make informed decisions.


Podcast: Location Independent Travelers – Interview people that are living really awesome lifestyles

With so many interesting bloggers out there living amazing lifestyles, I’d love to interview them and publicly learn from their success. I think I’ll enjoy the process of setting up a podcast anyways. Talking on a microphone is intimidating and setting this goal gives me butterflies in my guts. I’ve always wanted to rock the mic and this year I will do it.


1,000 unique views/month, a page rank of 3, and 200 facebook likes to my financial freedom blog:

I’ve already set off down a really interesting road towards finding location independent financial freedom. This will allow me to continue traveling around the world while being productive. It’s important that I improve my (and my families) lifestyle. Just being a frugal traveler was great, but I’m ready to transition to a lifestyle of greater abundance.


1,000 unique views/month, a page rank of 3, and 200 facebook likes for my new travel website:

I will tell the story of my last few years. My travels around the USA, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Bali and Hawaii. These are really interesting and I’d like to get them down. There will be a hint of the fantastic and a drop of fiction involved to keep things interesting. This website will be all about entertaining and inspiring the readers.


Earn my Dive Master PADI Certification

I will earn the Dive Master PADI certification this year. Probably in a really exotic tropical area.


Study and practice a martial art

By the end of the year I will have firm background in at least one form of martial art (capoiera, mano mano, kung fu, military submission, ect.)


Travel to 5 new countries

The travels and adventures must keep rolling in! Thats what I need to stay happy!


I will learn to speak another language conversationally this year

Any language is ok. To achieve this, I’ll have 3 metrics: I must be able to ask for, and receive directions, have a casual chat about the weather, economy and family and be able to bargain for a better price.


Take my Dad on a Helicopter Skiing Trip

This will be a all expenses paid trip on my bill. A way to say thanks for the incredible life he has provided me with.


Go for a heroic horseback trek with my Mom

I’ve got the best mom in the world and we both love riding horses together.


Spend December 29th 2012 in the United States with Veronica under full and proper legal status through the United States government. Make 2012 the best year of her life too.

Homeland Security, National Visa Center, US Consulate in Australia/New Zealand, Chicago Lockbox. Let us work together this year!

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