Steve Jobs is Inspiring

A month ago while chilling on the Coromandel in New Zealand with V I read Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson over the course of three days. He’s just so inspiring! Here he discusses the importance of thinking outside the box:

To get to where I want to go, I’ll have to build great things. No more 10 hour days spending 6 hours wasting time. No more repetitious paperwork. Now I must make my own schedule…

It’s intimidating being on your own and developing your own projects. If I fail, there will be no process to follow and no one to turn to for help. This interview inspired me today:

Jobs is speaking from his NeXT office. NeXT was essentially a big time failure. None-the-less, all that experience he got while running NeXT must have translated into these apple products we are using today. So we are all very fortunate to live with the abundance created from Jobs’s failures. Thanks Steve.

I wrote a blog post about the book earlier. Also, becoming comfortable with failure has been a theme over the last few posts.

So I’ll just keep building things.

Entreprenuer Quote - Chris Ducker

Much Love everyone.

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