Maker’s Schedule – A Discussion On a Paul Graham Essay

I’d like to discuss this article: Maker’s Schedule.

Let’s use the comments below to open up a dialogue and see what comes up.

Are you a maker or a manager? Do you suffer from trying to play the different roles?

Do you produce your value from a manager schedule or a makers schedule?

What is a speculative meeting to you? Damaging or empowering?

Thanks to Ryan Holiday’s article for brining this to the forefront.

One Reply to “Maker’s Schedule – A Discussion On a Paul Graham Essay”

  1. I’m a maker and a manager and I absolutely suffer from the way the two don’t play together. Generally, I manage until the work has to get done then I disappear for 2-3 days while doing the work. Mixing the two doesn’t work, even when I try because once I’m inturrupted with manager like duties, I’m stuck there. Getting back into making mode can easily take 60-90 minutes if not more.

    I feel like all my value comes from Making. The managing is simply needed to keep it alive. At the sam time, I feel like I have to move into the role of a manager in order to see Freedom Podcasting grow to the size/revenue/impact that I see for it this year. Simply making these things isn’t going to be enough….

    Speculative meetings thus far have been enjoyable, yet valueless.

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