How to Hitchhike the South Pacific with Ben Owen

He left the UK with about $1,000.

To this day he is still living out his dream.

He’s got a blueprint for sailing the world.

It doesn’t cost much at all.

Please welcome the great sailor, Ben Owen.

“8:00 a.m. is the Sailors Midnight.” – Ben Owen (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • How Ben moved to New Zealand with $1K
  • An expert description of the Bay of Islands, New Zealand
  • How Avatar was inspired by the beauty you see there
  • How to sail the world inexpensively
  • Tips for finding the best boat and crew out of The Bay of Islands
  • Best practices to follow before setting sail with someone new
  • Essentials of sailing from New Zealand to Fiji
  • The importance of having an idea on maintaining boats
  • Financial safety nets for sailing the world on the cheap
  • Lifestyle notes for life at sea
  • Navigating immigration problems on the high sea
  • Why to Bring Science, Math and History Textbooks to the Solomon Islands
  • Sailing into New Guinea
  • Exploring Darwin, Australia with Crocodiles
  • Shout out to Lisa and Erik from Tasmania
  • Crazy fishing stories from Northern Australia
  • The value of traveling with a First Aid kit
  • How to catch fish while you sleep
  • What troubles to expect with immigration when sailing into Bali
  • The whole trip was $4,000 including flights
  • How to Hitchhike the South Pacific

Lovely Links:

  • Want to go on the boat trip we discuss at the beginning of the show? Check out The Rock
  • Want to Go Where Ben Did? (In order of Discussion)

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| Honiara | New Guinea | Darwin | Bali | Queenstown |

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Take Action:

Do you ever dream of sailing the world?

Do you think you’d be willing to take on an adventure like the one Ben did?

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