Deane Ogden: Living As A Musical Nomad

A #1 selling American recording artist.

Host of the Rebel Creative Podcast.

Helping location-independent artistic businesses to thrive.

A sonic chameleon.

A musical nomad.

Introducing, Deane Ogden.

“You gotta make the decision to do it. It doesn’t end up being worth it, to wait.” – Deane Ogden (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • How the internet disruption of the Music Industry affected the people working in it
  • Deciding enough is enough and setting off to Asia
  • Meeting musicians on the road and recording them
  • Releasing a bestselling record in the world music category
  • Why do 65% of people die only 50 miles from where they were born?
  • If you can do your job on the road, take your debt with you, who cares?

“Every day you wake up is a chance for you to step in front of a bus.” – Deane Ogden (Tweet It)

Lovely Links:

Music Credit:

Take Action:

  1. Are you a writer? Painter? Musician? Can you take what you do on the road? What’s stopping you?
  2. Are you carrying excess equipment or clothing? If you haven’t used it in six months, will you ever use it?
  3. Tell us how you’re setting yourself up for your launch into location independence. What steps are you taking to start your journey as a nomad?

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