Challenge: Write 2 Hours a Day for 2 Weeks Straight

The Two Hour a Day Writing Challenge

How This Came About:

Writers Challenge

I joined a mastermind group with some really interesting people. I didn’t have a goal for the next two weeks. One of the members said she was going to write every day for 2 hours. Of course, I thought, “I can do that too.” So now I’m on it.

For the next two weeks I’ll be writing for 2 hours a day. My primary focus will be on writing about adventures in Australia with the goal of developing the ideal book that I wish I had had before flying to “the land down unda.” This would be a perfect product for anyone with the notion of grabbing life by the horns and selling everything to fly to Australia and live and work there for a year.

I won’t be stopping myself from going off on tangets while writing. Any topic will be acceptable under these two hours of nothing but typing and conveying thoughts into this computer.

I’ll update this post as the week progresses to mark the times where I sat down for noticable time periods and did nothing but write.

A member of my mastermind group, Kai will be working on her writing at the same ferocious pace. Check out her captivating web-series here.


Rules1. Can only use the internet for brief bursts when I need a specific facts to check or a link to add in support of my arguments.

2. The writing periods don’t have to be solid. If I break it up into two, one hour sessions, there is no problem with that.

3. These have to be for myself. Even though I write all the time for Capitan Ducker, I don’t consider that to be writing that plays a part in this challenge.

4. Must complete 2 hours of writing without any big breaks of writers block. If I get writers block, I’ll just pound the keyboard for 2 hours and feel depressed afterwards.

5. No editing during these periods. No going back through the document to rephrase things. If I want to say something a different way, I’ll just start it again.

Two Weeks of Writing Two Hours A Day

  • July 31st – 7:30 to 9:30
  • August 1st – 12:00 to 2:00
  • August 2nd – 22:00 to 24:00
  • August 3rd – 12:00-1:00 & 23:00-24:20
  • August 4th – 5:00-6:00 & 22:30-24:00
  • August 5th – No Writing… but I did film this.
  • August 6th – 11:00 – 1:40
Notes on Week 1: The hardest part is always starting. It’s that blank page. As soon as I get my fingers on the keyboard, I start producing and the rest of the time flies by. You can see I’ve got over my 2 hour quota a few times this week.
I’ve been reexamining lots of passions, music, poetry, manifesto building and working on the Australia Working Holiday Guide. The more I write, the more hectic it gets, but I feel like I’m getting lots of great ideas down that I’ve wanted to for a long time. It’s a mess right now, but this test is proving very effective in improving my writing. Who woulda’ though. Writing every day, makes you a better writer.
  • August 7th – 21:00 – 23:00
  • August 8th – 11:00 – 12:30



I found that writing everyday was incredibly beneficial. I developed lots of new ideas, turned my Australia WHV book into a giant mess of content which needs drastic editing, and I wrote lots of embarrassing poetry, short stories and imagination verses.

The truth is that I failed. The trial and tribulations of tough time in my life caused me to take a dive in productivity. I’m still trying to regain the productivity I had the week before last. Life is full of ups and downs so I’m working on building the next upward spiral.

Thanks very much for your interest in what I’m doing. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to reach out via e-mail, twitter or facebook.



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  1. Ian

    This is EXACTLY the type of content we spoke about last week. 

    Take people on the ‘Ian Journey’, so they can be inspired, learn and enjoy at the same time.

    Good work.


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