Bianca Forzano: From Corporate Office in Rome to a Kite Board in the Dominican Republic

Imagine moving to a foreign country.

You’ve got no money.

All you know is that you want to kitesurf.

Sounds crazy right?

Well it worked out pretty well for our next guest.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce, Bianca Forzano.

“For me, it’s more important to have freedom than safety.” – Bianca Forzano (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • A special message from guest Jim Carrey
  • Safety as a traveler on the North Shore of the Dominican Republic
  • The power of travel and the impact of expats in developing countries
  • The mechanics of kite camps in Dominican Republic and Italy
  • Transitioning from a corporate office in Rome to a Caribbean kitesurfing instructor
  • The founding story of Bianca’s Bikinis and the first sale
  • Inspiration, adventure, travel, waves and the ocean
  • Breaking away from the systems which limit freedom yet provide a sense of security
  • Lifestyle perceptions and they shift with travel
  • Awe moments

“I want to be the first bikini line for girls to feel cool and sexy in the water.” – Bianca Forzano (Tweet It)

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Steve Oddo: Walks of Italy Founder on Building Profitable Travel Companies Around Passions

Moving to Italy on a passionate whim.

Finding a business to fall in love with.

Making a lifestyle out of it.

Here is how to live the long term travel lifestyle.

With, Steve Oddo.

“Different people I met on my travels were open-minded, outside of the box thinkers that were doing great things to make money.” – Steve Oddo (Tweet It)

Travel Topics:

  • Growing up in a family of international travel
  • What it’s like exposing the Sicilian mafia in a documentary
  • The mechanics behind big business taking out small bloggers
  • Investing in yourself to become a travel entrepreneur
  • Being a Rome history fan and visiting Tunisia
  • A surfing tangent involving California
  • His side of the Turner Barr vs. Adecco story
  • Putting it on the line for massive payout

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Take Action:

Another episode with a traveler who turned to travel entrepreneurship. If you remembered the last episode of this kind with Stephen Brooks, you remember that lots of people build their lives around the tourism industry in the places they wanted to be the most.

Have you ever thought about making this happen? Is moving to another country and setting up a passion project something you dream of?