Active Workation Croatia 2018 – Working and Floating the Adriatic Sea

What is the Active Workation?

The Active Workation is an opportunity to spend a week with people who have either retired, have internet businesses or are seeking to learn about internet businesses while doing something fun. Also, some people came along just because it sounds like a lot of fun. For this Active Workation, our ‘something fun’ was a weeklong boat trip to various islands in Croatia.

They call it sailing, but there wasn’t much sailing happening. The boats all motor around these days. It’s a bit loud, but much more efficient that way.

We do have opportunities to do work either online or by making art which might help us in some way in the future.

For people live V and I, it’s an opportunity to discuss our next projects and teach anyone who wants to learn about the business stuff that makes it so we can choose to do business trips like these.

Note: this is a work in progress post. I'll update over the next few weeks, but it will be complete by the end of June. At that point, this paragraph will dissappear.

Some of the Videos

“Why make these little videos, Ian?”  I’ll explain that in greater depth below…

Here is a collection of small instagram-like videos I made using the GoPro Hero 6 during our Croatian Workation in May 2018.

Mikey is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu student from Detroit. He also likes diving. Though I made a few of these videos of him, this is the shortest one that I could add to the blog without using a third party application like YouTube or something owned by Mark Zuckerburg.

Zia is a from England and works in finance. She was initially afraid to get on a boat, but now she loves boats, and swimming. Good work Zia.

Simon is a German/Korean finance/project management professional living in Zurich, Switzerland. He is also fond of swimming.

Sean helps keeps yachts operating effectively between Europe and Dubai. She is originally from Australia and is fond of swimming.

Sam is good at gymnastics and dancing.

Rik is from Holland and is good at many things. He made a video of the croatian workation that you can watch by clicking here.

Here’s another video of Rik.

Lauren is learning about what she wants to do next. This trip was a way for her to get ready for what to do next.

Louise was with us for Nomad Cruise 6. She lives in the Dominician Republic and is good at paddle boarding.

What is this collection?

This is an experiment on publishing videos on my own site. You see, almost everyone uses services like Google, Facebook or Wistia to publish videos. The problem with that is that when we use these services we depend upon those platforms for the rest of time. Therefore if those platforms lose our data or highjack it, we don’t really have much we can do in retribution. I mean, we gave up all our power from the beginning. It’s nice that they offer the service to host our media for free, but I feel it’s important to remember that they are offering their free services not because they are the kindest organizations in the world, but because they use the media to make more money than it would cost them to create and host it themselves.

Socially, this was an experiment in giving with 0 anticipation of anything in return. These videos are helpful for other people to share on those previously mentioned platforms. Some of them have received a a few thousand views and the vanity metrics probably make people feel happy about their trip.

Technically, it was a great way to practice filming with the GoPro Hero 6. I learned a lot about depth and how to dive with the subject while on this trip.

Is That It?

No. I have a few more videos I would like for Patrick, Marcella and other guests of the event. Those will have to wait as I have exploring to do.

I do plan to update this blog as I have more time and access to the internet. Thank you for reading.

If you have anything to add or would like to request a movie, please let me know in the comments below.

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