A Walk Around Cordoba, Spain – 2018

Cordoba is the birthplace of Seneca the Younger. I learned this in a moment of stupidity. I was standing near the statue taking this photo and I heard a tour guide address his clients.

“I was born in that building over there. This statue is of a Roman poet named Seneca, who was born here in Cordoba” he explained.

“That’s ridiculous,” I thought.  “Seneca must have been born in Rome… right? Wait, actually I don’t know the answer to that at all.” After my foolish internal monologue I realized that yes, Seneca was born in Cordoba.

Cordoba was larger than Paris back then. Cordoba is an interesting place…

Here is an image of V levitating in the street.

The skies above Cordoba are stunning.

This is a corner of the Puerta del Puente in Cordoba.

This is an image of the Roman Bridge of Cordoba. It crosses the Guadalquivir river which smells bad periodically.


Here is the top of the Triunfo de San Rafael with the sky and some clouds in the background.

How many horses do you count here? Later, this organization carried away a married couple and their kids.

Botica is a shop in Cordoba. What a cool hand-painted tile sign.

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