Why I Love Spending Time in Graveyards

Ghosty Graveyard Gazebos
Time is unique. It can’t be bought, traded or reclaimed.

Being surrounded by monuments to the deceased reinforces this for me.

Walking through the graveyard today it struck me that every moment is a bizarre, astounding strike of luck .

Sutherland Creamatorium

The opportunities to serve others in the connection economy is limitless.

I’ve been asked, “Are you done working?”

The answer is always no.

There is no limit to what can be done for clients or other web assets. My restraint is and will always be time.

This mindset provides the ingredients for nervous breakdown. When facing infinite possibilities, my internal chatter is at times deafening. It’s enough to make you go crazy.

But being surrounded by monuments to the deceased quiets that chatter.

Reading epitaphs brings clarity to the truth that we exist in an infinitely fortunate place, the present.


So we run through graveyards and appreciateĀ the sanctity of life.

This is the moment that you are experiencing now.


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