When Upgrading a Rails Application with a new Ruby Version Update Both of These

Today I struggled for a little bit while upgrading the Ruby version of my Rails 6.0 application.

First, I updated the Gemfile and solved a few errors which were caused by that. Unfortunately, I forgot to document these.

The final problem I was having was an inconvience. I change had to change my ruby version in my terminal each time I opened a new terminal tab like this:

rvm use 2.6.5

Setting this each time I changed directory was annoying. The way to ensure it’s set automatically was to change the Ruby version in the .env file.

If you can’t find it via terminal, type

ls -a

in the terminal when you have changed directory into your rails app.

Otherwise, you can find it in the file structure.

how to automatically set what ruby version your rails app uses

Have fun programming!

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