Warner Brothers, Movie World – Gold Coast, Australia

  • Let me start this off by saying that I’m TERRIFIED OF ROLLERCOASTERS.
  • Therefore, this was the worst place I could come to spend an afternoon.
  • There are no spoilers in here. You can read this in preparation for the trip.
  • But I had to try to look cool in front of Veronica….

Stunt Driver Show

11:00 am – Terror Level 2

Really impressive driving. They incorporate the crowd into an action movie shot. It’s really a great little experience and I loved the fact that I could sit there and watch a show rather than getting on roller coasters. Alas, the show ended and we went to seek rollercoasters…

Scooby-Doo Ride

11:35 am – Terror Level 8

This one is creepy and themed loosely on the Scooby Doo movie. I loved the entrance and the imaculate design they put into the creepy castle. Then we rode the terrifying rollercoaster and I got my first reminder of why I’m so scared of these things.

Wild Wild West Falls

11:50 am – Terror Level 9

This one reminds me of my homeland in the Virginia foothills of Nevada… Except I’ve got a terrible feeling this roller coaster is going to be terrifying…

This roller coaster is actually very delightful. There are times where you get to enjoy cruising down the river. I like the fact that you actually get a little wet. It’s no big deal though and as long as your camera is in your pocket, you’ll be fine.

Superman Escape

12:50 pm – Terror Level 15

Holy cow. This is the fastest most intense thing that’s ever happened to me. Seriously, this this is something out of this world. Zero to 100 km (62 mi) in two seconds. That’s ludicrous speed.

You’ve got to take your sunglasses and headgear off because, it will probably get ripped of you simply by the G-Force.

Tip: We also just threw our bags on top of the $2 lockers because we didn’t have coins. The Gold Coast is pretty free of burglars and we risked it. It paid off but do this last bit at your own risk.

Seriously though, this is a rocket ship roller coaster. It’s mind numbing and don’t attempt it if you are prone to heart attacks.

Batwing Spaceshot

1:10 pm – Terror Level 12

Walking up to this thing nearly had me peeing my pants.

Oh my word. This one looks dangerous. It’s like a rocket ship.

I gotta say I really appreciated this one. It’s a hoot and you get a great view (60m (200ft)). Plus, when the ride is over, you just grab your bags and walk off. It’s amazing.

Hall of Justice

1:20 pm – Terror Level 2

This one has to be a favorite for the rollercoaster phobes out there. You just get to cruise around with laser guns and shoot at the red dots. You get to keep score to try to out do your friends.

Probably my favorite thing about this ride is that it doesn’t involve any mind numbing g-forces!

Yes! A lovely break from terror.

Green Lantern

2:30 pm – Terror Level 15

This one looks like it might the most intense thing on earth. Yikes… Here we go.

Road Runner Roller Coaster

3:00 pm – Terror Level 6

Finally, a kids roller coaster. This should be fine.

Nope. That one actually scared the heck out of me too!

A Special Note to the Hardcore Travelers out there:

There was a time in my travels where I looked down on adventures like theme parks. My idea was that I liked surfing, diving, climbing mountains and other dangerous, hard-to-do stuff. The truth is, I still like those things. But you know what? Every once in a while it’s pretty awesome to do touristy stuff too.

So don’t be a pretentious traveler. Find a way to hack your way into this place for the day and enjoy having your mind blown. It’s an awesome place.

Thanks for Reading

Have you been to Warner Brothers Movie World? If so, leave a comment below and tell us about the experience!

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