Tropical Workforce Internship Application

Massive Mahalo to the gentlemen at Tropical MBA. This blog post is my first step in their internship process. Check out their job description and you can apply too!

Internship Application Begins Below:

Hello Justin and Joe,

Thank you for visiting my blog. Your websites and podcasts are fantastically motivational. You give awesome tips while remaining exciting and interesting! Not only do you keep it fun, but you give me confidence that one day I too will realize my ideal, sustainable, unconventional lifestyle! Thanks so much for your awesome content.

My name is Ian Robinson and I think I’m ideal for your internship.

Internship Photo: Beer In Hand - Padang Padang Beach - Bonus Points
Beer In Hand - Padang Padang Beach - Bonus Points

Fundamentally, what you guys do is what I want to do:

1. Location Independence

2. Adding Heaps of Value to Businesses and Organizations

3. Having a Kick Ass Time

Here’s what I have to offer you:

I’m 100% no non-sense motivated entrepreneur. Tim Ferriss has been a deep influence on me and I’m trying my damnedest to get some automation in my life! I’m really interested in utilizing the 80/20 Pareto principle and I practice MED (minimum effective dose) as much as possible. I won’t stop in my drive to succeed. My bucket list is pretty intimidating and I gotta keep going or else…

I’ve got experience as a WordPress Developer, plenty of graphic design experience, I’ve earned PPC revenue through Adsense, I got my first affiliate sales check just recently, my blog is young but it’s doing alright and I’ve got a few sub clients that I’m just now starting to help out! Accept me into your program and there will be no hand-holding. I like to kick ass and take names later. Judging from the content of your sites, I’d say this will suit you fellas fine.

I’m on my way up and I’m searching for some solid mentors to help guide me in the right direction. It seems like you guys could be what I’ve been looking for.

For me, this isn’t about spending 4-6 months in the Philippines before going back to a regular life in the USA. I want to do this forever. I want to continue to upscale businesses while remaining location independent until I’m as old as dirt. I want to change the way the world does business.

Why do I want to be an Expat?

I’ve been on the road for the last three years now. Here is my “information slap in the face” of what I’ve been doing all this time:

Road Trip Tour Guide of Mainland USA (LA to Vegas to San Fran to Boston to NYC) – Hitch-Hiking New Zealand – Australian Agriculture (fruit and veggie harvester) – 2010 FIFA World Cup in Cape Town, South Africa (Running a Hospitality Program) – Seat of the pants SCUBA Training in Mozambique – Back to Australian Agriculture (Jackaroo/Cowboy) – Bali Surf Adventure – Hawaii (Renewable Energy Start-up Company/Horseback Tour Guide) – New Zealand (Face to Face fundraising for the WWF)

It’s a long and complicated story but the point of the matter is this: I’m already an expat! I’m already going for it. Over the past three months I’ve been dedicating as much time as possible towards internet marketing. Unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time as I’d like. Take me into your program and I’ll have no more excuses!

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Internship Application Ends Here

To apply for this internship too click here.

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