When Transferring Domains – Make Sure to Turn WhoIs Privacy Off

contactprivacy.com Transfer Problem Solved

TLDR РTurn off WhoIs Privacy if you are transferring from hover.com to domains.google.com

Reasoning Behind this Blog Post

While having trouble switching a domain from hover.com to domains.google.com I found the solution which would have saved me a bit of time. I hope this blog post saves you a bit of time if you find yourself struggling with this problem.

Unable to Transfer a Domain? An authorization email has been sent to @contactprivacy.com

The Domain Transfer Problem

Here’s the image that got me stuck:

Turn WhoIs Off

Google Domain Message

An authorization email has been sent to <yourDomaing.ninja@contactprivacy.com. Please follow the instructions provided in the email to authorize the transfer. If we don’t hear back by <date>, the transfer will be canceled.


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