Buying a 40 Foot Long 2001 Thomas School Bus in Portland, OR

This is the story of us buying a retired school bus.

It involves a flight from Sacramento to Salt Lake City. Then Salt Lake City to Portland. Our friend Jonah helped us drive around the city to go to the bank and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Finally, after jumping through some loops, we had the legal requirements organized and the story goes on from there.

A Little About the Bus

So this one is a 40′ 2001 Thomas School Bus.

We plan to convert it to what is commonly known as a tiny house. It could be used for a million things, but we plan to make it a comfortable little place to live and work out of while we travel around the United States.

The project is a physical one, which is something I’ve been interested in for a while. As we do most of our work on the computers and the internets, I find myself wishing I had physical projects to work on. This bus is a big, physical project.

The bus was taken out of service at the end of class in the year 2016. It was previously owned and operated by Forest Grove School District.

It has a 5.9L Cummins engine. So it’s basically a giant, unstoppable beast.

Managing the Fear

So basically, I’m scared of this project. I am a believer that it’s often a good idea to do the things that make people

Anyways, this is the first in a series of School Bus conversion videos. It’s going to be remarkable.

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