Test Driving a Tesla Model X

V and I went down to Burlingame, CA to test drive the Tesla Model S. V drove the Model S, I got to drive the Model X. Both cars are my favorite that I’ve ever driven… but the Model X is the car that I want more than any other. It’s so beautiful and fast.

Reading biographies of interesting people is one of my favorite things. This book was well worth the read.  Elon’s story is fascinating and the biographer does a good job of keeping it entertaining the whole way through.

I loved the car…. but the problem is that it costs around $100k and I could use that money to build income streams and travel more.

Despite how amazing that car is, I find it hard to actually want to have a monthly car payment of $1,200. Anyways, I like paying cash for cars so the idea of owning a car that loses me money every month is undesirable.

But I’m working hard on a lot of stuff so I’m sure that that monthly payment isn’t going to seem too large for long.

Keep traveling friends. Please let me know what you’re thinking in the comment section below.

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