Software Ideas – Computer Programs I Wish Existed

These are ideas I came up with for software projects. I would love to see these programs exist.

If you build a business off any of these ideas. I’d love to know so I can provide support in any way possible. These ideas are free to steal and pass off as your own.

If you do build one of these tools, let me know and I will be happy to mark it as solved and link to your project. Thank you in advance for solving my problems.

Updated May 28th 2018

Software Ideas for WordPress Plugins

Patreon like Plugin for Popular Blogs

A WordPress plugin which accepts donations from users. It displays on the sidebar with a message that read, “This site lives on user donations, it currently has the funds to stay alive for . Thank you to for their donation on . Your support keeps this site alive for others. Because of supporters like you, this site can continue to be developed by the team.

Podcast RSS Feed Generator Tool

A WordPress plugin which actually makes hosting and building a podcast RSS feed easy. Blubrry and Libsyn and others do a good job, but I believe it could be made much cleaner. If you’re interested in working on this project, I may start working on it shortly. Please get in contact with me. I believe this options has a good business behind it as it has built in hosting costs which many current clients are happily paying.

Software Ideas for Mobile

Cultural Learning Augmented Reality Game

A augmented reality game where you get points by passing quizzes, solving riddles and sketching art from the locations one visits around the world. Similar to Ingress, but instead of glyph hacking or just hacking portals, you do more learning intensive projects chosen based on their capacity to teach about history, architecture, art, poetry and other cultural aspects of the places where the individual lives.

Software Ideas for the Web

Facebook Infinite scroll share number finder

A friend of mine builds big Facebook pages and monetizes them. He is often seeking the most shared post on another page so that he can mimic the attributes of that image or video. When doing this, he is constantly scrolling down the page, waiting for infinite scroll and using his memory to find the most shared post. A better tool would be an application which downloaded the data and displayed the posts on his page based on which received the most reach, engagement or likes.

Let’s Take Action on This – LTAoT

A web app that generates a webpage that follows a cadence which is generated by a user for them to send to a friend/family/business associate. The friend opens a link sent by the user which links to a message the user wrote, then it plays a video/podcast, then it provides a final message.

Example Process:

  • The user wants to send a podcast to their spouse about investing habits. They want to provide a message before they listen and then a message after.
  • User writes in the following message
  • “Hey Spouse, I listened to this finance podcast and I think we should take action on this lady’s philosophy when thinking about investing. Here is what she had to say which I thought was compelling.
  • Audio/Video plays (Probably something motivational or something describing an important lesson they want to share for this example, a finance podcast about the value of low cost index funds).
  • Upon completion another message pops up generated by user
  • “You know how he was talking about having a long term savings account of VTI index funds, I’d like us to set a goal around that and stick to it. What do you think?”

Sales Page Plugin for WordPress Sales Page Jacking Switchout

My friend likes to identify sales pages that are working and change those pages to work exactly the same way for him, but with his own white labeled product.

His process:

1. Find a page that is working
2. Copy the source code and paste it into the WordPress plugin
3. Automatically clean the code of tracking information from old page
4. Allow friend to identify links and media that he wants to change and then provide a user friendly way of changing out old images with white label specific content.
5. Publish the page to WordPress with it’s own stand alone content on a simple to share URL

Boom. Then you could use WordPress to jack successful sales pages.

This idea is worth a lot to my friend. He could be the only customer and we could charge a lot for it.

Clickfunnels + Shopify

Automate the collection of emails and handle the orders via shopify fulfillment

collect emails through ClickFunnels but then Shopify handles fulfillment

A place for house-sitters who are good at fixing places up.

You put your house up for a house sit in which someone comes and stays in your home, but you add an inexpensive house solution (something like fixing a door or maintaining a pool). The house sitter comes and fixes a thing while maintaining the animals etc, but the house sitters can expect to come back to a home that is better condition than when they left.

Solves the trusted house-sitter issue with having too many house-sitters and not enough housesits.

APP for ScallyCats type event

Augmented Reality that makes programming a ScallyCat type competition easy.

The person setting up the ScallyCat/Pub Crawl can set instructions based on
GPS location and then the instance is created so others can attempt to
complete the tasks/experiences.

Future Features Include:
– Leader Boards for those Partaking in the Competition
– Warning alerts when you’re getting passed
– Collecting random points at various spots along the way

Marketplace for People to Get Likes and Views on YouTube

Get points for watching YouTube videos. Use your points to get views and likes on your video.

Allow users of the service to join a marketplace for attention.

Users can earn credit for likes and watching other users’s videos. Those credits can be spent on driving likes and views to specific videos they are interested in promoting.

* Creating a bot that can sit and watch movies is a weird potential
* People setting up playlists and allowing them to run through
is another activity to contemplate.
* Chrome plugin that people activate to keep their points growing
* This is a marketplace type software.

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