Finishing Shower Floor

It’s this video that I actually make the drawer work well. Here is a link to the sliding door hardware I used:

Sliding Drawer Hardware:

. For me, it was all about moving the supporting struts around so that the drawer slid back and forth smoothly.

To be honest, I didn’t quite get it perfect, it’s just good.

Next I do some more table saw work. I added in a little outtake from one of my favorite carpenters. You can find the whole of Jimmy DiResta’s table saw tips here:

Next, I went about addressing the footpath between the shower and the kitchen. I used silicone, grout and epoxy to span the gap. Here is a link to the heavy duty two part epoxy that I used:

Two Part Epoxy:

When I made the pocket door, I used liquid nails and white silicone. I’m not 100% confident in that job, but here is a link to the stuff I used if you want to give it a try:

Liquid Nails:
White Silicone:

The Man – Clueless Kit

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