Sanding, Caulking, Staining and More Carpentry

Today I did a lot of sanding. The sofa that I made in previous videos needed to be sanded down and stained. I also stained the tops of the ottomans.

My life is quite lonely now while V and I are apart so I find the most solace in working. I’ve been doing a lot of projects.

The furnace is almost 100% complete now, which is a really cool feeling. Things are coming to completion one at a time. For so long, the ‘to-do’ list was infinite and growing faster than I could do things. Now, I’m actually getting to the point where I find myself saying, “Wow… that project is done!”

Table and Sofa Design

The idea for this sofa and the pop-up table came from Ana White.

Clearly, I’ve changed a few things dramatically, but I really appreciate Ana’s hard work at documenting her plans and making a cool video about how to do things.

Thank You For Watching

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions related to the work in this video. I’ll happily go into much greater detail.

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  1. Hi I’m Max from Italy, I watch all your video with great interest…I like the way you working on your bus, and I think It’s coming out very nicely, cant wait to see the finished bus.
    the only thing is….those table legs!! I think they are too tin…I would replace them with some 4×4 cm….thank you for your video the are very much entertaining

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