Ian Robinson | Shantaram, Anything you Want and Losing my Virginity

Hi. I’m Ian Robinson. Today, I’ve decided to do a solo round and share with you my very own Three Favorite Books.

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I thoroughly enjoy reading books and listening to audio books on Audible. I can’t get enough.

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“It’s one of those great books where even when it’s all over you’re just like argh, you turn that page on that 700th page and you’re like, man, I wish this book wasn’t over.” – Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson’s Three Favorite Books

Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

“I love this book. It’s about an Australian guy who gets addicted to heroin, gets thrown in prison , escapes prison through this really fantastic story and he goes off to India and many, many more adventures ensue after that.

The book has some really incredible insights, it’s really adventurous and it’s really really well written.”

The character development is awesome and if you get it on Audible, the person who does the voice acting on it is fantastic. It really adds sort of a level to it because there’s so many characters and there in Mombay and there’s a very diverse character collection. When I was reading the book I got confused, but the character actor in the Audible book makes it really really clear and vivid.”

Anything You Want by Derek Sivers

“It’s basically a business book where he talks about his companies, founding a company called CD Baby. He talked about the incremental growth of starting off just distributing his own cd to doing it for a few friends.

How the company grew and all the trials and tribulations that took him to having a 30 million dollar exit but the whole time he did it his own way which was really inspirational.”

Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson

“I think this book is fascinating.

It’s a lot of this tale about how Branson grew the Virgin company and the British airlines story was really fascinating.

It also goes into a lot of the really bizarre, crazy things that he did. Like his crossing oceans with hot air balloons. That is an amazing story. He’s did a lot of these things. It’s a really well written book, it’s fun to read and it also gives a lot of insights to leadership and the things that it took for him to get there.”

I Hope These Notes on Shantaram, Anything you Want and Losing my Virginity Helped You in a Useful Way

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Purchase these books on Amazon:

  1. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

  2. Anything you Want by Derek Sivers

  3. Losing my Virginity by Richard Branson

Three Favorite Books Podcast
Three Favorite Books Podcast
Ian Robinson | Shantaram, Anything you Want and Losing my Virginity

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