Old Focus 01/08/16

This is my nownownow entry from January 8th, 2016. To see what I’m focused on now, go here.

Learning to Code

I’ve learned Ruby on a basic level now. I’m having a really good time solving scaleable math problems.

Before applying for App Academy, I want to exhibit excellence in basic Ruby coding. To do this, I’m reading books on Ruby, playing Ruby games and going through external tutorials (also, Ruby monk and Koans.)

Learning to code has changed the way I think about things. I love it. Even if AppAcademy turns out to not be a great fit, I’m going to continue to get good at this skill. The opportunities in the open source community and solving problems in a scaleable way is far to interesting to not get involved. I’m hooked.


Our Business

Our company is called Freedom Podcasting. We offer podcast production services and podcast editing services:

We’re focused on ensuring that we have the bandwidth to bring on more clients while ceaselessly creating excellent, chart topping podcasts.


Video Editing

I’ve completed the video editing for our YouTube series which documents our trip across the country in 2015. The next step will be to do a welcome video for the series.

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