Michael Carbone: Unleash Yourself and Sign Up for the Race

Welcome back to the show!

Here we go – Another adventure, another traveler, another helluva inspiring story. You ready?

We’re still in Chiang Mai, staying in a beautiful apartment, and talking to entrepreneur, ironman, and founder of the Unleash Yourself Podcast, Michael Carbone (Check out his Instagram).

So listen in as we chill next to this glorious pool, surrounded by singing birds and greenery, and talk tales of making money, playing poker, and competing in one of the world’s most grueling physical competitions.

Enjoy the show!

“Ironman changed my life completely.” – Michael Carbone

Travel Topics:

  • Born and raised in Montreal [02:20]
  • Escaping the burning season in Chiang Mai [03:00]
  • When the Songkran starts [03:30]
  • Fire dancing! [03:50]
  • Wait … who hasn’t seen Harry Potter? [04:30]
  • Coaching poker and the implosion of Michael’s first business [06:15]
  • Playing it safe on the internet [08:00]
  • The life of a baseball agent [11:30]
  • How Michael negotiated an extra $15k from his bedroom [13:50]
  • Getting a dream job at Niké … or not? [19:15]
  • Discovering Ironman [14:40]
  • If you can learn to swim, what else can you do?[26:45]
  • Taking the guesswork out of training [32:30]
  • Resurrecting the poker business [35:30]
  • Launching a mastermind group [39:50]
  • Quitting the poker game [43:50]
  • The Lewis Howes Effect [51:15]
  • Just sign up for the race! [55:30]

Michael Carbone Talking Points:

Music Credit:

Take Action:

Sign up for the race. Whatever that race is for you. Booking a ticket. Signing up for a course. Quitting a job. Maybe the Ironman competition. Whatever it is. Just sign up.

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