Fly in Canarias – The Most Exciting Thing I’ve Done in the Canary Islands

Today we went paragliding with Chris from fly in canarias. This was a super exciting adventure and I’ll be honest, I was terrified of doing it. Luckily, I’ve got friends who influence me to do stuff that scares the heck out of me. I’ve turned the corner on that fear now and am contemplating getting a paragliding kit and taking a 5 week course. We can save that for later though. Here is the video:

Paragliding the Canary Islands

Paragliding is essentially kite flying where the kite is strong enough to carry the pro and a guest.

paragliding canary islands - fly in canarias

The day was so exciting that we look like a bunch of giddy teenagers after everyone went flying. Here’s our group:

paragliding canary islands - our fly team

One cool thing about paragliding is that it takes place in beautiful places. Los Gilles is a town in the Canary Island called Gran Canaria. These stunning views empower some cute photography. Here’s a shot of V carrying me.

paragliding canary islands - v supports

About Fly in Canarias

You can learn more about the group that took us paragliding on their website.

Paragliding Planning

If you’re planning on going, here’s one thing to keep in mind. Paragliding is critically dependent on the wind conditions. This makes for an activity relies heavily on conditions which the tour company has no control over. It’s like skiing, surfing or sailing. Without wind, your plans will be ruined.

The good news is that Chris was excellent at describing to us the situation. We met at an initial place which we learned would not work out. Then we made plans to go to the other side of the island, but on the way there he called us and we turned around. The wind had shifted and our initial plan was now acceptable.

When we arrived at the launch pad, Chris hustled to get us into the air while the going was good. It worked out perfectly. We each took a 20-minute flight and returned safely to the landing pad.

Connect with Fly in Canarias

If you’re headed to the Canary Islands and you’re looking for something fun to do with a date or with the family,  I can’t recommend this enough. Not only will you see a big chunk of the islands, but you’ll do something that stretches your limits and pushes the adrenaline through your veins.

Connect with Fly in Canarias:

We delt specifically with Chris. He was great. You might want to mention his name when you call them up to organize a time. Here’s where to start:

Connect | Prices

Later that Day, in the Grand Canary Islands…

One very cool thing about paragliding is that it happens quick. After a 20-minute flight, you still have a ton of time to see more of the island. David and I went surfing after this, but I’ll share that video later.

Thank you for visiting.

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