First Panel – School Bus Conversion

How to Remove a Stripped Screw

When you’ve got a phillips head screw that is stripped beyond repair, what I like to do us use a grinder to cut a slot in the screw. Then that defunct phillips head becomes a straight, fresh metal slot head screw.

Removing Ceiling Panels From a 2001 Thomas School Bus

Then it’s easy to take out with a nice fat flat head screw driver.

How to Take Ceiling Panels out of a 2001 Thomas School Bus

Use the impact drill. In the movie above, you’ll see me using the regular drill almost the whole time. That was a dumb waste of energy. I was also using the impact drill head with the regular drill, which was also a waste of resources.

After we stopped filming for the day, I started using the impact drill and it worked great. I actually removed more than 50% of the ceiling panel screws. It goes fast when you know how.

Contemplating the Future of the Bus

Aside from a general design idea, I don’t have a specific plan for the build. So today I started working with SketchUp to do some accurate drawings of the bus. More design ideas will come. For now, we’ve got this Pinterest board which contains a lot of ideas for what we’re thinking¬†will guide the aesthetics of what we’re building.

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