Even More Seats

School bus seat removal is harder than you might think…

Today was the big seat day. We were able to take out 12 seats which is half of the total seats. We expect one more day of seat removal for your viewing pleasure.

Penetrating Oils to Undo Rusty Bolts

We used two types of penetrating oils to increase the chance that we would be able to unscrew the bolts rather than grind them out. The two penetrating oils are:

I think blaster is the better product for this project. Their oil would be the first thing I would order when deciding to embark on a new bus conversion experience.

If at all possible, I think it makes sense to unscrew the bolts. It’s just cleaner.

High Leverage Wrench + Pipe Trick

If you get a really heavy pipe, you can use it to create a lot of torque with less arm power. To do this you just insert your wrench inside the pipe and pull on the pipe to turn your bolts.

Torque Wrench using a Heavy Pipe - bus seat removal

In the video above, I use an angle grinder to cut an old pipe I found laying around the land. Then we use that old pipe as a torque wrench in our bus seat removal effort.

Grinder Blades Get Destroyed During Bus Seat Removal

I killed two grinder blades today… but I’m not worried about it. That’s what they are for.

Thanks for watching. Please share this series with someone you know who would appreciate it. It helps more than you know.

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